Best Guideline for Renting cars in Germany
There is no big difference renting a car between Germany and USA entails. In fact, you can find most major European and US car rental agencies through before coming to Germany. Therefore, no matter you want to rent a cheap bicycle or a car well equipped in Gernamy, this guideline will help.
Americans should book with a US firm at least 14 days before they depart, which is the best available deals. Not only will you get the best rate, but also in US dollars. You have Internet search tool to check for the best rate, which vary between companies but fairly competitive though. AutoEurope is an example of consolidator service you can consider. As soon as you figure out which the best rate is as well as firm-up your itinerary, do reserve at once to guarantee your vehicle.
Note: base rates don’t include 16% VAT, any airport fees and registration fee. You should expect these to equal 25% of daily rental rate. Rates includes the required third-party, if any, liability insurance.

What document required for registration?

Renting a vehicle usually requires driver’s license and passport.  Major credit card is recommended for the rental because it’s convenient to cover insurance deductible in case of an accidents.  However, make sure to check to verify that your credit company allows this coverage for rentals in Germany, or what you have to do to qualify for this.

The common type of Germany car rental

Within Germany, one-way rentals are popular in which you pick the care in one city but can return it at other city among the rental agencies. Meanwhile, some rentals are based on limited and unlimited kilometers. You can travel outsides Germany as long as this is stated in the contract that such vehicle is registered for international travel.
The check list before you pick up your vehicle
Green Card, also known as green insurance certificate, is essential prior to departure on the vehicle. If you are stopped by a police in the country you are travelling, green cards are what you need to produce.
Required emergency equipment is the next things to check, which including first aid kit, warning triangle and spare tire). Then, it’s the parking disc you need to check more.
Type of fuel used needs verifying, as well as all the buttons, controls and knob. You can take a test drive around to check the condition of the car, if necessary, ask lot attendants to instruct you how to use your best OBD2 Scanner to check for problem. They sure  will be happy to provide.
Regarding of fuel, Gasoline and diesel are available throughout Germany and although the stations for filling in Germany is not as prolific as the US, you will find no problem seeking for one to tank-up. There is at least 1 24-hour filling station at every major highways and intervals along the Autobahn. Here are some terms in Germany for you. Just in case.
Gasoline (Benzin)
Diesel (Diesel)
Tank-up (volltanken)
Unleaded fuel (bleifrei)
Self-service (Selbstbedienung/ SB-Tanken.)
Breakdown service (Straßenwacht, Pannenhilfe)
Some of the common brands are Aral,BP, Avia, Elf, Fina, Jet, Esso,Total, Shell…
Pumping gas in Germany is nearly same as in US although the score will be higher because Europe has a different formula dispensed by the liter to calculate octane ratings. Therefore, Americans will usually experience “sticker-shock” concerning gas prices in Germany, which is basically 3-4 times more than in US.
Motorist services of usual array is offered by major automobile/motorists clubs of which ADAC and AvD are 2 outstanding names. ADAC stands for Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil Club or General German Auto Club while AvD stands for Automobilclub von Deutschland or Auto Club of Germany.
Don’t worry if you are tourist because assistance offered to even non-members.  They won’t charge you for basic help but towing will. At the emergency phone, which is located along the Autobahn 2 km or intervals 5-10 km if in federal highways, 0180/2222222 will be the number you need. Of course, you can use your mobile phone
Maps are the least thing you have to worry about since it usually appears in excellent quality. The best ones are of Hallwag (Rand McNally fanchise) and ADAC auto club. There are free maps available for tourist  at the tourist offices , which has more detail and adequate in scope
Traffic laws
You can find all of the traffic laws in signs and signals pages, from licensing, parking laws to traffic, signs and signals.
If the US has the biggest road system in the word, then Germany ranks second. You can imagine how many km of roads in such a small country.
Even the typical rural roads are easily to be of first class in quality for being well-maintained and engineered. However, the East Germany has many roads that under construction: upgraded or rebuilt, which can cause delay. So make sure you know where you are going.
In general, you will find the road in former East Germany and rural areas narrower than Americans so small vehicles are very common here. We think you should look over the hierarchical road system in Gernamy.
Forest/country lanes (Waldweg, Feldweg) – They are unpaved and paved roads that has one land and access controlled with a barrier.
City streets (Straße) – all are paved, sometimes with cobblestones with variable traffic.
Community link roads (Gemeindeverbindungsstraße) – Roads with 2 lanes used to connect villages and smaller ones.
County roads (Kreisstraße) – Roads connects small & medium towns with 2 lands.
State roads (Landstraße or Staatsstraße) – Usually connects larger towns
Federal roads (Bundesstraße) – some has expressways (Kraftfahrstraße, Schnellstraße), or “Autobahn-similar” (Autobahnähnlich) roads.
Motorways (Autobahn)
European Highways (Europastraße) – These are co-designated with other highways, and usually Autobahns
All this types of roads can be recognized based on the letter in their name, which you can find in tourist manual, attached with the general traffic volume.
Tips on hiring and driving a rental car abroad

Cheap Car Hiring in the region or locality where you go, whether you’re going on a vacation with your family or your business trip. Using car hiring can save you hassle and cost of the migration process and give you the opportunity to experience a destination explore fully. There are many search engines to rent a car to help you save time and current budget because this is a fairly common form, is widely favored. This process has become relatively easy and transparent if you are confident enough to have knowledge and understanding of all the policies and rules. Be thoroughly prepared before you travel to avoid the risk of some problems such as costs incurred, insurance, fuel policy …

Making a specific planning

If you do not have a specific plan and decide things at random when they came to the new destination, you do not have to prepare carefully for information, then make sure your policy will face many troubles in the rental car as well as greatly increased costs. In a short time, you can not learn all that matters in a concrete manner and detail, you will not know what the contract stipulated. The best way if you intend to rent a car while in the new destination, take some time to learn via the internet site. You will find good opportunities and can compare prices, policies and conditions of each company offers different services and choose the service that suits you best without worrying about the paragraph costs incurred.

Things to know in the process of renting a car

To fulfill the contract, you need to ensure complete and valid documents prescribed by the company include: driving license in accordance with international standards; Credit card payment limit enough; Code provides important information about the validity of permits through the DVLA website; Mastering the traffic laws to avoid violations of traffic law; Check the device comes to renting a car and have the company’s emergency number for timely notification when unfortunate incidents; Learn fuel for motor vehicle operation and mastering policy that the company launched; Additional coverage and reimbursement policies successor …


The terms stipulated that you should care

Some provinces have additional policy requirements for safety equipment such as reflective clothing, equipment and warning aid … Therefore, when renting a car, you should find out carefully with local companies to be equipped with adequate equipment otherwise you could be fined extra police. For the use of the fuel, you have two options: First, the company provides a full and complete return you have to avoid the high costs incurred in the credit card if you break the rules. The second way, the company provides full, but you do not need to fill up the fuel, this also helps you have no difficulty in finding the gas station but the initial cost will be higher.


Some things you need to check during the delivery vehicle such that you should note: Check the status of the car before and after delivery, you must promptly notify the company if they found out, some Disputes will happen and you will have to bear a significant compensation. The control equipment is checked carefully, avoid case you are not familiar with the control of a new car can be dangerous. On the issue of fuel supply for the vehicle, you should keep your receipt as evidence and sent back to the supplier. Additional coverage to prevent damage completely.

Pay close attention when hiring a car

Car Hiring gives you more convenience in moving and circulation instead of using public transport or taxi, walk … When you want to choose to rent a car you must ensure costs to meet. If you plan to rent a car, you need to do some procedures before completing contracts nhan. But the hidden costs can come back and help you if you are not aware of them; this list will help you go in prepared.


Policy on credit card

Credit card to pay all fixed rental costs and incurred. During the making of the contract agreement, you may add a voluntary insurance if your credit card is not of major banks and restricted coverage. It is best to call the customer care call center to check and may save a portion from reducing the cost of insurance if available.

Costs incurred while using private motorists

For those under 25, you will be at a disadvantage in the rental car because you can not directly control you must authorize and pay an additional cost for the driver instead. Thus, if not actually qualify as contractual right, you should use other means of transport to if not really necessary and not wanted to take another big expense.

Controlling costs

Take special note to the company’s policy if not spend a great because often in conflict with the law. Most service providers are asking you not to use cars on asphalt, bumpy road with gravel. Therefore, if you do not want to put an additional cost more, stay away from off-road adventure while using this service. If you move to another city or country in the airport, if you want to use in automobiles since the airport, you will take an additional delivery vehicle surcharge. So to cut this clause, you can catch bus or taxi and go to the company where you have booked rental car before.

Fuel Policy

Suppliers often rely on this factor to make more profit, so please be careful and check the contract carefully to avoid mistakes. Typically, the company offers you the car with an empty fuel and ask you to fill the fuel tank when the refund. Without doing so, you will have to pay higher fuel charges compared to the purchase of fuel from outside.

Insurance for cars

Losing a cost to pay for insurance but you get much more than that. When you rent the car damaged the common parts such as tires, bodywork or the vehicle is stolen, you buy insurance you will be sharing the risk. Besides, the setup add some additional features such as child seats, GPS systems, radio systems and satellite TV will bring more benefits to you during use.

Get familiar with the rental car on the road


When not used to control a new car, you take some time to get familiar with it and ensure traffic safety while on the road. When renting a car, check the entire vehicle from the inside out, noting the scratches or signs of equipment damage, take pictures as evidence if not you will be responsible later. Start the car and checking machinery, hearing the sound to ensure safe engine operation. Then turn on electrical test, conditioning, fan in car air conditioners and help you comfortable in any weather conditions. Use the map on the GPS or smart phone to find the way that you go, you can get support from suppliers map. Remember to check the mirror to ensure convenient to look around.

Please ensure the best prepared to save costs as well as ensure the convenience of hiring a car service for your trip.

How to Save Money Renting a Car

Hiring car and enjoy exploring a big city where you give your stay is a wonderful thing, rather than use the subway or walk in the city. Car hiring offers flexibility, easy to arrange and plan your trip, saving the best time. However, you should note a few ways to save on the cost of renting a car for your trip as well as the different policies in each area.

Some ways to reduce costs to a minimum


  • Read and compare prices between companies offering car rental services, to find a personal car rental deals financial best suit user needs and your budget. Some of the reputed car rental company can be listed as Dollar, Avis, Budget or rental company online via travel agency as Expedia, Travelocity, Choice … Or even better rates offered by the independent company in local car rental. To find the source of useful information, you can visit the blog or on the internet.
  • If drivers are old enough, you should take the initiative to do it. If you do not qualify, you will have to hire a driver from the company to assist in the migration process.
  • Personal insurance should check with travel insurance and bank issuing the credit card. If uninsured rental car is attached at the beginning, you will have extra cost for insurance money and may have some difficulty in completing the procedures and paperwork.
  • Note to the agreement on the fuel policy, after use you should fill the petrol tank as the original to avoid the extra cost is higher than normal.

The process of ordering


Extremely simple, follow these basic steps include: selecting the vehicle matching capacity and demand, prepare credit cards with limits, orders and vehicle history provider services, reviewed and signed, delivery vehicles. Select the car through the incentive program best to save costs, if there are too many choices, you can thanks to the help of counselors, experts have more experience. After ordering, the company will provide information and documents about the documents that you need to prepare to be able to sign a contract.

Selecting a safe vehicle and fit can bring high efficiency, save costs if no condition to own a personal vehicle. This is also an appropriate means if you want to try to experience the feeling with the different models. Vendors will also share the burden of risk in the use for you. To find the best suppliers, prepare plans and information about the car you want to own.

How to hire a car without driving licence and credit card

When not assured of the necessary documents as required, you can apply some of these tips to ensure convenient car hire. Without a credit card, you can use a debit card with the owner’s name yourself. Or show the important personal papers such as ID cards, insurance…If you forgot your registration code, you can use the support of smart phones that connect to the internet or call the customer service call center to confirm the information.

Making a car hiring checklist

For many people, renting a car to serve individual needs becomes difficult. Hire a car to experience and discover the fun of your trip completely. Businesses sometimes use disguised traps in order to increase sales and profits without heavy set of customer benefits. The transaction makes both sides feel disadvantaged. Before you start renting a car, find out details of how the policy carefully applied, as well as set up a check list to complete this task.

The document to be prepared


Some papers and materials indispensable in the implementation process vehicle leases include: driving license or certificate DLVA; Credit valid, meet financial eligibility to pay about a deposit to the supplier, this amount authorized in advance and are not included in the trip; Passport and proof of address; 2 voucher copies – one for the supplier and a copy kept for himself for convenient comparison.

Besides, you also need to remember to check the car to avoid the event of damage during use and must be responsible for such damage, check the fuel …

Making a list

Things to keep in mind during the process of renting a car is made up of a list so you can easily control the better. Here is a checklist created fixed, list the things you need to bring when you want a lease car. Keep it to feel more confident in the preparation process.


  • The company provides service to determine your age in order to ensure the right to use your car hire services. If you are younger than 25 but deliberately violated, you may be subject to other expenses as a penalty for violating the law or hire a driver instead.
  • Driving license is indispensable in the process used to qualify the car hire. These rules are fixed. You can present a driving license in accordance with international standards. However, if no, you can replace it with a certificate as required depending on the service provider business.
  • Credit cards are the most popular way to pay whether you use the service at any company or any type of insurance. Credit limit must be high enough to cover the costs of using car hire services
  • Documents include the terms, conditions and policies, so you should read and understand carefully, avoid errors.
  • Check the following factors before delivery vehicles. Record and capture all the signs as dents, scratched paint, the control unit in the vehicle, fuel, or some additional features like GPS navigation devices

Buy insurance to limit the negative case

Besides providing services, providers often associated with the insurance company and guide you to choose additional insurance. As a form to minimize the damage, limit the risks you face. This is a voluntary insurance, you can choose to use or not to guarantee its interests. The type of insurance typically covers damage to the hardware of the vehicle such as tires, glass, chassis …

You do not need too much stress without experience in the process of renting a car from a company that offers this type of service. Instructions on accessing help you initially easier, more confident in using. You can consult on these forums or reviews from experts and counselors, they will answer more of your impasses so you can choose the best services and the most appropriate. Many people also have success and cost savings thanks to service the car rental needs in their lives. But you learn thoroughly about specific policies of each region to promptly adjust the most suitable

How to grow and increase profits for the Rental Car Business

For those who have the pleasure and excitement especially with Car Rental Business, you can search for useful things from the basic guidelines for creating a start up business. How do you promote the strengths of the business needs to be invested and developed gradually, not in the short term but could reap much success in the industry, but also full of challenges bring opportunities good. In order to toward specific goals that you set out initially, you need to think and act in a flexible manner, the maximum concentration on what you want your business to grow in that direction. Start with setting up the plan, certain objectives and focuses its investments in order to achieve the best business results.

Look carefully with diverse and available choices

Car Rental is one of the emerging service sectors but with a highly competitive and challenging with formidable opponents as well as the need to use complex customer. You need to have a plan and strategy are clear plan to reduce risk at the highest level. Without thorough preparation right from the initial basic steps, you will not have a good start and even affect the development process forward. With the investment and deepen the study of the market, as well as understanding the needs of customers at different levels, you absolutely can generate more profits for your business.


Determine the type of business activity

Every business needs to have the orientation of certain business activities and focus on it. Typically, the service sector popular car rental with two main forms leasehold or daily rent. With a business model that you have created, observe and deep research about the market, competitors, customers, profits brought … Always ask yourself about the issues like business model works good enough or is delayed, the position of the enterprise in the market, build reputation and prestige of the company. Always set goals and deal with it. Location selection and research activities on the market in the region will increase competition for your business even more. There are incentives and continuous innovation to attract more customers.

Risk management in daily operations

All activities take place every day of the company should record a diary for timely adjustments in the right direction, helping you save time in resolving the problem. You can use fleet management software to assist in this work. Revenue management and price adjustments are reasonable to avoid the risks that businesses face risk. Besides, you should promote marketing and sales, providing unique points specifically to attract more customers, can be applied directly at enterprise or linked into a network. You can apply other potential ways like promoting the website as this is useful information tool, providing flexibility for the promotion of enterprise as well as the customer’s search made easier.

Optimization of business profits


Not only ensure that business profits should also provide quality assurance for customers as well as enhance the value of the brand – but the intangible value benefits than expected.

General About Hiring A Vehicle

If you are renting a car needs to serve its purpose of moving, you need to find a car rental company and consider a number of basic elements such as the agreement at reasonable prices, consideration of the factors necessary to serve the needs for the whole family, to learn about the car rental company reputation. To have the best car rental program, you can find out general information need sizes, shapes and designs to suit the car’s age as well as your needs, the company will have the customer service help you choose the car like, focus on the best things.


Rental Rates

Is based on the start time for daily rent in two ways: hourly or on the minimum rate of one day, plus the balance of kilometers. Largely, the percentage of rent increases after 24 hours than the scheduled time. If you use more hours, you may incur additional costs other than the cost of the original lease. Especially when using the car rental service, if you do not abide by the rules and policies strictly, you may incur other costs more. For petroleum policy has been defined, you must add the cost to pay for the gas tank filled 10-mile radius. Most car rental companies estimate the distance to reload fuel for your car if you use full service.

Policy on age

Almost, all the countries in the world have adopted a policy of renting a car with an audience over 21, but can vary by locality. Refer to the conditions and cost apply depending on where to take the appropriate adjustment plans when considering car hiring.

Driving License

When you want to use the rental car service, you must present a driving license are state licensed use or temporary permit, while ensuring adequate and valid standards

Qualifications Credit

To be able to rent cars in which you want to use, the company will require you to produce a driver’s license and a credit card or debit card to cover the cost of the process used. The debit cards are accepted including Visa, MasterCard, American Express … For Debit Cards, sufficient so that you can use for the rental car, it’s debit card to withdraw money potentially directly directly from your bank account, usually a VISA or MasterCard. You should notice a significant problem, such as debit cards are not accepted for customers under 25 years of age when used in Dollar Off-Airport area. For all cases, the company will credit check and assess the condition and your ability. When your cards are eligible for payment, you will start to make the contract to ensure the rights of the user.

Other services added


During using, you can add some optional extras, comes the cost to pay for them to feel more comfortable when in use. For families with small children, you may require special safety seats for children by age. Using establish more global positioning system, especially when you use the car hire services in a new area. Some other useful services such as emergency Roadside Premium All-Inclusive PlatePass.